Insurance sectors has been showing a remarkable development over the recent past, mostly after the industrial era. It is also expected to have a tremendous advancement in the near future. Earlier, there were only two insurance companies in India – Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) and General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC). Currently, this sector consists of 53 insurance companies of which 24 are in life insurance businesses and 29 are in general insurance businesses. Since most of these companies offer wide-ranging innovative products based on the different needs of people, here at policytour.com we provide you the detailed description of various life insurance and general insurance policies available in Indian market and the best companies providing the same.
These insurance companies come up with bunch of policies which have their own advantages and disadvantages. Insurance policies does not follow the ‘one size fits all’ approach. Every investor has their own needs, future goals, budget and their risk appetite and tolerance. Based on these factors, plans which are unusable for one can be the best for another. It gets easier for the investors for choosing the right insurance by comparing various options available in different companies. This increases the chances of getting the best policy as the comparison of various policies allows the investors to examine the features, benefits, sum assured, premium rates of different plans available, term period and riders availability and choose the most appropriate policy.
Comparison and checking the insurance quotes before purchasing any of these policies helps the individuals get the ideal coverage at a suitable premium rate and assist in saving a significant amount of money. This helps in guiding the individuals in making the right decision before any purchase. There are many top insurance companies offering the similar types of policies but choosing the best out of them can be done here at policytour.com by getting their online quotes and verifying their policies and various features which comes along with it.
At Policytour.com, we provide information for the whole range of Life insurance policies like term, child, retirement and pension plans and General insurance policies like travel, health, and vehicle plans. We are delivering you with the list of Life and General Insurance companies based on the policies they offer and the features accompanied to them. We provide with unbiased information on plans from different companies and makes it easier for you to choose the best among all. We make the comparisons easy and user friendly by offering the insurance quotes of various policies.
Our aim is to help each and every individual in choosing the best and most appropriate policy that perfectly fits their needs and requirements. We strongly recommend you to compare the insurance plans before buying. We deliver facts and specific details of the varied insurance plans to let you make your own decisions. The free quotes, can be availed based on numerous parameters, helps to get a better understanding of the available products leading to proper comparison and choosing the best plan for yourself. On the basis of your current and projected income, medical condition, age, future financial plans we prepare the quotes. There are many sites which are providing with the same services, but we assure you to help in choosing the best plans keeping in mind of your specific requirements. We can also help you check the regular product reviews, articles and ratings to understand a policy before choosing one.
We provide with step by step guidance to our customers in comparing the insurance plans by various means that are based on our latest research and data collection, which ultimately helps them in making an informed buying decisions. We also offer paperwork assistance with able guidance and troubleshooting efficiency. The quotes availed are easy to understand with no confusing finance jargons. We also mention the best offers, discounts researched and handpicked or chosen just according to your individual needs.
We also help in instant search, comparing multiple options with the help of unique features like plan specific charts, videos, infographics, etc. from various insurance companies and choose the best according to the specific needs. Our website is 100% ad-free to help improve customer experience and maintain transparency in the search results. We assure that we convey to you an unbiased and transparent insurance guidance and comparison services for different types of policies in a single page. All our information and services are free of cost. For any kind of further assistance and customer support, feel free to contact us.