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Tax Planning Tips for Self-Employed

When an individual works for himself instead of working for an employer and getting a salary paid, they are known as Self-employed. A self-employed individual receives his income by managing profitable operations from a business or trade that he runs directly. As self-employed individuals do not have taxes withdrawn from their income by the employers, […]

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Tax Planning Tips for Salaried Employees

Tax planning is important as it helps in taking advantage of various tax deductions and exemptions to cut down the tax liability during a financial year. For a salaried employee, tax planning is a matter of planning and discipline. It is an essential part of the financial planning. Planning comprises of making a set of […]

5 reason to invest in ulip

5 Reasons to Invest in Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs )

ULIP is a life insurance product, which offers risk cover for the insured along with investments options to any of the qualified investments in money markets such as stocks, bonds or mutual funds. As a single integrated plan, it combines the best of investment and insurance. It is a plan which is linked to capital […]

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Tax Benefits Under Single Premium Life Insurance Policy

Single premium life insurance is an insurance plan in which a lump sum amount is deposited up front to guarantee payment to beneficiaries. These insurance plans are a type where a policy holder can pay the premium at one time for the entire tenure of the insurance policy and this is known as Single Premium […]

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Health Insurance for Senior Citizen

Health insurance offers a variety of policies for persons of every age group. However, These wide range of policies can be considered as ‘numerous’ only when the individuals are below 50 years of age. With the increase in age the health insurance policies become limited, indicating that the age of individual is inversely proportional to […]