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About Mediclaim Policy

Diseases and illness can hit us and our family anytime without our knowledge; hence it is best to be prepared. With the increasing cost of lifestyle, the cost of healthcare is also increasing simultaneously in the modern times. It has become a necessity for every individual to protect themselves as well as their families with a health insurance. Mediclaim Policy is a type of health insurance policy which refunds the medical expenses met by the policyholders during hospitalization and treatment process. Any person can buy a Mediclaim Policy individually or for the entire family members.

Difference between a Health Insurance and a Mediclaim Policy

There is a significant difference between a health insurance and a Mediclaim Policy that is; a health insurance reimburses a predefined amount of financial benefit to the insured against medical expenses while a Mediclaim policy provides the actual expenditure amount according to the hospital bill to the policyholder.

Another feature of a Mediclaim policy that makes it worthy to choose is that it covers accidental treatments and expenditures too.

Type of Mediclaim Policy

Mediclaim Policies are of different kinds and it depends on the individual to choose a policy according to his or her requirement.

  • Individual Policy: In Individual Policy  a person can secure himself from any health problems with adequate financial support immediately after hospitalization.
  • Family floater: A Family floater scheme provides coverage to the whole family of the insured and helps to decrease the burden of directly paying at the hospital.
  • Group Mediclaim: An employer can also secure employees working under him with a group mediclaim i.e. a certain amount of money will be deducted from the entire employee’s account towards the health insurance. It will safeguard the members against any health emergencies. For the low income groups, the employers offer an insurance that debits a low amount of money from the employees to secure them from unexpected health hazards.
  • Costliest Mediclaim policy: The costliest mediclaim policy is that which covers critical illnesses and deadly diseases. The Critical illness Mediclaim covers the following diseases like:
    • Aorta graft surgery.
    • Cancer.
    • Coronary artery bypasses surgery.
    • First heart attack.
    • Kidney failure.
    • Major organ transplant.
    • Multiple sclerosis.
    • Paralysis.
    • Stroke.
    • Primary pulmonary arterial hypertension.
Mediclaim policies pays directly to the hospital under its network which includes OT charges, medicines, blood, oxygen, diagnostic material, x-rays, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, donor expenses during organ transplants, etc. It also meets the day-care treatment of the patient when he/she does not need to stay in the hospital more than 24 hours. The policy repays the doctor’s charges as well as the post treatment charges of the patient. Mediclaim policy relieves the patient and patient’s family from the burden of arranging cash for paying the hospital bills immediately when an emergency arrives. The insurer no more need to worry about paying the bills as the policy companies directly pay the charges to the concerned hospital according to the bills. The Policyholders can fully focus on the patient’s speedy recovery.

List of Companies providing Mediclaim Policy

Some prominent Mediclaim policy insurers of the country are:

  • Aditya Birla Health Insurance
  • Apollo Munich Mediclaim Policy
  • Bajaj Allianz Mediclaim Policy
  • Star Health and Allied Mediclaim Policy
  • Bharti Axa Mediclaim Policy
  • Reliance Mediclaim Policy
  • HDFC ERGO Mediclaim Policy